Advanced Development in SwiftUI

Advanced Development in SwiftUI SwiftUI is a powerful declarative framework that makes it easy to design and code apps for Apple’s devices with very few lines of code. With every release of SwiftUI, we get closer to a future where declarative syntax is powering many of the animations and user experience of the apps we […]

Flutter for Web: Why Flutter is the Best for Web App Development?

Flutter for Web: Why Flutter is the Best for Web App Development? The advent of progressive web apps saw more businesses creating web solutions and mobile apps. According to a study, PWAs have a 36% higher conversion rate than native applications. While people spend long hours on mobile, they trust desktops for security and experience. […]

What is TabPageSelector Class in Flutter?

What is TabPageSelector Class in Flutter? The new-age application is gaining massive traffic because of its engaging interface and creative build quality. Intuitive and multifunctional widgets play an integral role in upgrading the experience and performance of the apps. The web development company usually hire Flutter developers to implement these widgets to create a multifunctional app. Flutter […]

GraphQL in Flutter

GraphQL in Flutter GraphQL is a query language for APIs. GraphQL provides an understandable and complete description of the data in your API and provides the client the power to ask and get the data exactly they need, and nothing more. GraphQL is like a buffet dinner, where the users can take any item as […]

Step by Step Guide to Live Video Streaming App Development

Step by Step Guide to Live Video Streaming App Development There was a time when the viewer had limited choices and would depend on what the channel would show. They didn’t have any say in the videos shown to them. Times have changed with the OTT platforms, where the viewer is spoilt for choices. With […]

Learn how to use MobX in Flutter

MobX in Flutter At the heart of MobX are three important concepts: Observables, Actions, and Reactions. MobX for the Dart language. Supercharge the state-management in your Dart apps with Transparent Functional Reactive Programming (TFRP) MobX is a state-management library that makes it simple to connect the reactive data of your application with the UI. This […]

How to make responsive app in flutter

How to make responsive app in flutter Responsiveness A Responsive Mobile app Using MediaQuery Introduction Making the app responsive is very important for every developer. Using MediaQuery you can make app responsive to every screen sizes. Step -1 First, you have to find out how you can find out yu device size -width as well […]

Flutter + Firebase Course – Build your first Flutter app with firebase

Create your own app with Flutter Explore new Flutter widgets and learn about Firebase as you continue to build a cross-platform app Flutter is a relatively new toolkit that makes it easy to build cross-platform apps that look gorgeous and is easy to use. By utilizing a platform’s native components we’ll build an app that […]

Learn how to create a Sidebar navigation for iOS, iPadOS and macOS! SwiftUI Tutorial!

The sidebar allows you to utilize the larger screen of the iPad and macOS. It’s also a common navigation interface seen on websites. It consists of a menu that is situated on the left side of the screen. Just like the Tab Bar, it navigates the main content. Downloads To follow this tutorial, you can […]