3D Camera Angles

A step-by-step guide to set 3D perspective camera angles to your videos.

In this section, you will learn how to set up an AE project, how to add text, about color tint, and 3D camera Angles.


To follow this course, you can download the source file, which will help you compare your progress.

Getting Started

Let’s start with opening After Effects. Head over to the Assets folder you recently downloaded. Drag and drop all the video files there to AE.


Next, click on the Composition settings icon which is the third icon from the left.

  • Name it ‘SwiftUI 2’ or whatever name you prefer
  • Make sure that the width is set to 1920 and height to 1080
  • The Pixel Aspect Ration should be set to ‘Square Pixels’
  • Set Frame Rate to 30 and duration to 59 seconds
  • Set the background color to black and click ‘OK’


Firstly, select and drag all the videos to the layers panel at the bottom. Make sure to turn off the sound for all the videos. The preview does not look good currently, this is because we’re using a quarter of the resolution. To fix this, click on the dropdown menu and select ‘Full’.

Organize Assets

In this step, we’ll organize all the files that we’ve by grouping them. Select all the files that have ’16’ in their name, right-click and then ‘Pre-compose…’. Name it ’16’ or whatever name you prefer and then click ‘OK’. Follow the same steps for the remaining files.

Pre-compose Fix

Now that we have each one of our videos inside a pre-compose, you may notice that each one of the pre-composes took the same duration as their original video, except 16. To fix this, press Cmd + K to open Compositions settings and set the duration to 4s.

Sequence Layers

Let’s go back to our main composition which is SwiftUI. Please ensure that you’ve the sound turned off for pre-compose 16. Now, let’s organize all the layers by sequence. To do so:

  • Select all the layers and then, right-click
  • Here, click on Keyframe Assistant and then, Sequence Layers
  • Lastly, click on ‘OK’ 
  • *Please make sure that you’ve your first video at the bottom.


We’re almost done with organizing assets.

  • Next, let’s create a new folder and name it ‘video’. Select all the MP4 files, drag and drop these in the newly create folder.
  • Create another folder called ‘comps’. Drag and drop all the pre-compose files in this folder.

Color Tint

Here, we’ll create the same purple tint we had in the promo video. To do so:

  • At the top-right click on Effect & Presets and search for ‘Tint’
  • Set “#7C24F9′ as the color value for the second color


Now, let’s add in some text by clicking on the ‘T’ icon in the toolbar.

  • Type in ‘SWIFTUI’ and set its color to white
  • Next, click on ‘Align’ and align it both horizontally as well as vertically
  • Create a pre-compose for the text the same way we did for the MP4 files
  • Double click the composition ‘text’ and press Cmd + K, set the height here to 461
  • To add ‘2’ to our ‘text’, click the ‘T’ again and type in ‘2’. Move it to the right of the text and set its size to 130


We’d like to re-position the text elements. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select ‘2’ and press P. This opens the position values, set x to 1674.7 and y to 151.7
  • Do the same for ‘text’, set x here to 922 and y to 379.4

Text Color

Go back to the main text composition which is ‘1 text’. Now, let’s add color to the text!

  • In Effects & Presets, search for ‘fill’
  • Set the color value to ‘#4DFDEF’
  • Copy and paste the text layer and set the color for this one to ‘#FF816C8’
  • Click on the first text and press P, set y to 528
  • Next, click on the second text and press P. Set x to 968 and y to 536

Organize Compositions

We can classify our compositions by colors to make these more organized.

  • Select the compositions 15, 9, 4 and 2, right-click and choose Aqua
  • Next, select 16, 10, 8 and 6, set these to Lavender

Camera Angles

Select all the compositions with the color lavender. These are the ones to which we’ll apple 3D camera angles.

  • Click on composition ‘3’ and right-click on it. Here, click on ‘New’ and then ‘Camera…’
  • Ensure that you’ve a two node camera with a preset of 50mm, focal length set to 36 and angle of view to 39.60 and then, click ‘OK’
  • To convert the MP4 to a 3D layer, click on the ‘cube’ icon


  • To add keyframes, click on transform and then on ‘Point of interest’ and ‘Position’ simultaneously
  • In the timeline, move all the value to the far left
  • For Point of interest, set x to 916.4, y to 509.6 and z to 31.2
  • In Position, set x to 309, y to 783.1 and z to -2498.8
  • Next, move the scroller towards the end in the timeline
  • Set the following values for Point of interest – 934.1, 513.4 and 33.9
  • For the Position, set these – 539.4, 733.8 and -2519.9


Add the text similarly to how we added it previously.

  • Type in ‘Gesture and animations’ and set its size to 183px
  • Align it horizontally as well as vertically

Composition 6

Let’s move to the next video.

  • Click on composition ‘6’ and right-click on it. Here, click on ‘New’ and then ‘Camera…’
  • Add in a keyframe to ‘Position’ when the scroller is at zero frames
  • Now, move the scroll bar to between 1s and 18 frames. Here, set the values of the axes for Position to 1311.8, 643.9 and -2354.3
  • Add text with a value of ‘3D Parallax’, set its size to 223px and align it both horizontally as well as vertically

Composition 8

Head over to composition 8 now.

  • Create a new camera like we did for the other compositions
  • Make sure the scroller is on 0s and add keyframes on ‘Point of interest’ as well as ‘Position’
  • Set the axes value for ‘Point…’ to 951.4, 582.9 and 20.3
  • For ‘Position’, set these to 1086.1, 1496.9 and -2182
  • Move the scroller to the end and set the value for ‘Point…’ to 153.1, 586.4 and 40.5. As for ‘Position’, set it to 417.3, 1284.6 and – 2201.4
  • Lastly, add text with a value of ‘Ring Animation’ and resize it to 161px. Align it both vertically and horizontally


Let’s add some overlay here, this will help us highlight our text.

  • Click on the rectangle icon and make sure you select no stroke
  • Select fill and set the color to black
  • Set opacity to 30% in properties and position the rectangle beneath the text

Composition 10

Finally, click on the last composition which is no. 10.

  • Create a new camera for it
  • Then, let’s add keyframes to ‘Point…’ and ‘Position’
  • Ensure that the scroller is at 0s and set the value of axes for ‘Point…’ to 528, 385 and 270.7. Set the axes for ‘Position’ to 528, 1627.4 and -536.1
  • Move to the scroller to the end and set the x-axis for ‘Point…’ as well as ‘Position’ to – 700.8
  • Lastly, add text with the value of ‘API Data’ and resize it to 165px. Align it vertically and horizontally