Lesson: Version Control Tools
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In the last couple of years, we have witnessed how versioning tools have evolved. Now we have more players in the market with characteristic features and how users were incorporating those tools into their workflows.

What is Version Control?

Version control allows you to view earlier versions of a file that are being continuously saved after a certain period when no changes are happening. Since every change is saved in chronological order, it is easy to look at specific things at a certain point in time.

Version control and Version history

Version control lets you manage and set rules that help you avoid errors and conflicts to minimize failures providing a better collaborative experience. On the other hand, Version History gives you a way to look back at previous iterations of work.

Abstract for Sketch

Abstract is a macOS app and web app with secure versioning system that builds on top of Git for design files, but without going through Command Line. By hiding the complexity of Git, Abstract app is more straightforward and designer-friendly. It is a new way for multiple designers to manage and version their files, document their process and work on things in parallel without the fear of overwriting. It saves everything to let you keep track of all the changes and record the history. Now, every designer can work together on the same file, review the changes and differences, merge files, collaborate and comment, with a clean and updated Master file. If you are an Adobe Xd user, you can apply for the public beta.

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