Lesson: Pick Fonts
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Selecting a font for your applications is one of the most important decisions you take as a designer. There are numerous fonts available, some of which are expensive. However, there are a lot of free ones that are excellent. Just make sure you pick the fonts that you love. Here are some of the best places to find them.

Google Fonts

With Google Fonts, you can download fonts for free and use them in your projects as you see fit. Since the only way to get custom typefaces on iOS is to download and import the font files, the download option is very useful. There are at least two great fonts: Open Sans and Roboto, which are used by default in modern Android phones.


Typekit is part of the Creative Cloud subscription and has a wealthy selection of great fonts. It’s perfect for those who are starting. Great fonts that I enjoy include: Proxima NovaMuseo, Adelle Sans and Brandon Grotesque.


The great thing about Fontstand for Mac is that you can try fonts for 1 hour before purchasing them. Also, instead of buying the fonts, you rent them for a fraction of the price per month.

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