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Supporting localization is an important part of the design process. It is important to consider it the moment you start designing your app. By supporting localization, you can increase the success of your app in different countries.


There are various videos available on the Apple website that document the process of localisation.

What is localisation?

Localisation refers to adapting your content into local languages as well as cultures. It’s not simply translating the text elements into said language but also reflecting the local culture in your website. This includes making sure of the following:

  • Ensuring that images and illustration are culturally appropriate
  • Units of measurement are the same as that of the locality
  • Date, time and currency formats are accurate
  • The translated data is clear and easily understandable

Dynamic width and height

It is important that you can setup your assets in Auto Layout from the beginning so you can incorporate localization features to your design later. Adding Auto Layout to the texts in your UI will help you adapt the containers to another language.

Global Fonts

While selecting a font for your application, it’s best to select fonts that provide multi-lingual support. You’ve to also keep in mind that font sizes may vary from language to language. One solution for this would be to define different stylesheets for different languages.

Date and time formats

These might seem trivial issues but they can make all the difference. Take date pickers as an example, date pickers in the US follow the MM-DD-YYYY format while the ones in Europe follow the DD-MM-YYYY format. Even though it might not seem very obvious to us, users are used to a certain format.


Most languages are read from left to right but that is not the case for Arabic. Simply adding the translated content would be useless here. You’ll need to take into consideration the layout of the page when it comes to localization.

Local Culture

While your app and product page should each provide a consistent experience across all markets, it’s sometimes valuable to refine certain elements for cultural relevance.

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