UI Design Handbook (35 Video Lessons + Source Code + Book)

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A comprehensive guide to the best tips and tricks for UI design. Free tutorials for learning user interface design.

When Apple introduced the App Store in 2008, it created a revolution in the app industry. From that day on, anyone with a computer will be able to create and publish their app all over the world. In order to match the current default apps in iOS many designers mimic Apple’s skeuomorphic aesthetics and that became the standard for many years.


Apple wanted to create a similarity between the interaction of real life things and the iPhone apps. That was one of the reasons they decided to use skeuomorphism, and many designers followed the example. Example: The phone icon in apple emulates the phone receiver.

Flat Design

Flat design allows us to create more simplified designs as compared to skeuomorphism. It is a minimalistic approach to design and was first applied by Microsoft in its Windows system. Flat design creates icon like images to specify applications rather than trying to bring real life things to the layout.


Neumorphism (from neo-skeuomorphism) originated by the combination of skeuomorphism and flat design. Neumorphism makes use of highlights as well as shadows to create really clean looking interfaces. Head over to Neumorphism.io to create some really cool buttons!

Further Information

There is an interesting video, oldy but goody, about skewmorphism vs flat design. It shows many interesting facts about the evolution of UI design.


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